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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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guys. [closing bell ringing]. >> certainly will. shake shack came back a little bit. >> bells ring on wall street as they host the lakers and shell and sgbk. nasdaq listed. take a look to see how stocks are finishing up. this is an interesting trick. 194-point gain for the dow jones does trees. look at percentage point we see for the s&p. 1 1/3%. a big move. adam: nasdaq was up. all the indexes are up. russell 2000. the russell was up. that is lot of people say, small cap stocks. liz: in the face of disappointing data, the markets muscle up. "after the bell" starts right now. liz: let's get right to today's market action. we have joe durant, united capital advisors. joe is here to tell you why, even though he feels the u.s. looks really strong, why he is
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putting money overseas. john toohuey of usaa investments is here to tell us why he is investing in cruise lines as the snow covers new york city. ira epstein joining us from the cme i want to start with you, ira. we talked about manufacturing data. that tropical depression. consumer spending biggest drop since september of '09. yet the markets woke up in the last 20 minutes of trade said we're going forward. why? >> writing about it actually in my newsletter tonight. the market fell 6%. the last time i was talking to you, liz, we had a drop between 5 and 8%. people say this is not market to own. you're back to the 6% number. away you go one more time. also i think what happened today as the market has a sigh of relief. oil is not bottomless. too much of a good thing, too much of a low price can be a problem. the fear factor of dropping oil took a little bit after back seat today. all that other data, we weren't
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expecting great, great data. we know that we're not an island we're slowing down a little bit. that keeps interest rates at bay. put the combination together and this is late-day rally. adam: joe, let me bring you into this. ira may be a perhaps a bit shortsighted. we have china sew slowing down. we have deflation in europe. consumers not spending in the united states. seems to me we're setting up for a bigger pullback. >> i don't think so. actually what you're seeing is replication in europe of what we had happening in the united states for the last few years. you have potential 600 billion euros being pumped by their equivalent of fed to hold up their markets. and that money has to go somewhere. with interest rates there, 100 basis points lower than us, germany has 40 or 50 basis point interest rate, you have no alternatives. so what i think you might see is very strong market in europe and
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actually increased demand and we clearly have no inflation in sight anywhere. so a lot of cleans to be quite positive. liz: you're positive enough, joe, you say go into places like europe. what is the best way for retail investor watching right now, to at least start to dip their toe, get a tiny beat of -- bit of exposure into things like europe? we know that is scary. headlines out of greece and spain is scary and worrisome. tell us the best way to do that. >> two-ways to think about it. own the biggest american companies. by the -- buy the s&p 100 in an index or dow jones. that is really easy way. half of their earnings come from europe and rest of the world. that is one way. if you want not to be exposed to dollar issue, buy european etfs. there are lots of them. you can choose which one. you can even buy etfs that hedge out currency.
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so there are many ways to do it. we don't think you should go country specific unless you're a professional. certainly you can buy large u.s. companies or be more pure to go to etfs with hedged or non-hedged exposure. so either of those are attractive alternatives. i think you will see, less volatility. more upward movement in stock prices in the area. adam: bring john into this. what about in the united states? for instance, large company, you like walgreens. what are companies in the united states even with pullback in consumer spending, do you think decent was an -- december was an anomaly and low prices will propel spending going forward? >> i think low energy prices take time to filter into the economy. see immediate impact of cuts in capital spending from the energy sector. but, permanent income hypothesis, individuals have to get comfortable at these lower gasoline prices are really increasing their spending power
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on something other than a temporary basis. that's why we like a walgreens because, walgreens offers these dual tailwinds. one of all the benefits from the volumes from the affordable care act, so their pharmacy at back end of the store. at the front end of the store you can sell consumer goods, particularly things like beauty. adam: why karn that val cruise lines? you like them too. >> carnival interestingly has two things. near term benefit of the fact that they will benefit from energy prices being down because they're big consumers of fuel. increased spending power for individuals who are booking cruise lines but they also secular tailwind of an aging population an overall population, even younger people. they're looking for experiences, not just buying things. >> yeah. that's true. we've been looking at cruise companies at this point that are offering some really good deals. ira, let's give you a commercial for a second. you said you were writing your
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newsletter. what is it called? secondly do you address the u.s. dollar strength because that was huge story last week with a lot of companies reporting earnings hit by a stronger u.s. dollar? >> my newsletter covers currencies more than anything, so exactly what you're talking about. i relate it back into the futures markets. i can't get away each 5 to 8% break you bought it blindly the market rewarded you. yes i'm shortsighted but hey, i'm a futures trader. what do you think you are in the futures business. that is what you are. liz: as you support the dollar do you short other currencies, ira? >> i do both. i do both. right now one of the things we're talking about the new zealand dollar, selling on extended strength. probably have to see more interest rates cut there. maybe australia too. i look at major currencies. i look at ruble. we put that all together. it is called ira epstein's market information. liz: ira epstein's market
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information. >> very original. liz: we talked to john key in davos, he is the prime minister of new zealand. they will not probably move at least he doesn't think his central bank would move until janet yellen does. they are done hiking rates. >> go switzerland. adam: joe talked about the ecb and 600 billion we'll get over the next couple of months but bill gross of pimco has said what the ecb is doing is too little too late. yet you're thinking there is opportunity to buy stocks to go into equities in europe. make a better case for me. when bill gross says no, i get worried. >> i think bill is the best trader i ever seen. adam: go, joe. >> i don't see the economy doing a whole lot better. what you will see is lot more money flooding the system. 600 billion euros in one year is a lot of money. what it lead to the money getting invested in places of the we've seen it in the u.s. i don't think any of the fed's policies have increased gdp but
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they have certainly increased the multiple in the markets. and it made it easier for companies to borrow money. those things, you apply leverage, it creates more growth. now, again, i don't think you will change the underlying consumer. it is an inaing population. they are, they are maxed for capacity. so i don't think you're going to see certainly a 3% economy, what you will see is, higher multiples. more none any chasing stock market. that leads to less volatility and higher market which was is what we've seen here for the last five years. adam: liz: john, do you agree with that assessment or do you get a sense it is good time to be in stocks right now, ex the fed's move? >> i would say you have to be careful particularly in the u.s. you have got to look for companies that have tailwinds. to talk about europe i think the europe, the quantitative easing in europe it, could lead to a short-term bounce i would agree with that but the way it is
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going to potentially lead to something more sustainable if it is clandestine way to recapitalize the banking system. that would put europe about four years behind the u.s. in recapitalizing its system. i think it's a, starting to become a stock-picker's market but the u.s., got to be careful. valuations are starting to look a bit rich for some companies. adam: thank you, joe durant, john toohuey, ira epstein. ira, we'll see you in a bit. storm that dumped foot 1/2 of snow on the chicago area is making its way across the northeast. liz: meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm. we have us those of flight cancellations. right off the bat do they clear out tomorrow and thing start to move? >> we'll see. we had some cancellations, liz and we haven't gotten things going. people are urged to check online. a lot of people have been emailing this morning am i getting my flight out today, i'm
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in phoenix? i would love to be in phoenix right now. look what they're dealing with in chicago. this is the fifth biggest snowstorm for chicago, third biggest for detroit. now all moving to the northeast where boston, you have your snowiest seven days on record. we could be dealing with another storm system on thursday. i know a lot of people are traveling, they just need to get out but taking a look at snow depths here, over a foot of snow in northern illinois, indiana, ohio, detroit. then into new england where we have over 24 inches of snow. this snow is not going anywhere. it will remain cold and unfortunately another storm system could be on the way. another six to 12 from this storm system that isn't said and done yet. we're looking at a potential of freezing rain and or sleet on the roadways. the problem is, we saw a lot of rain south of new york city. because the temperatures are going to drop significantly overnight, we're going to be dealing with what they call a "flash freeze." meaning that the roads, power
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lines, the sidewalks, the bridges are going to freeze completely and that is going to mean dangerous, if not impossible travel conditions overnight tonight into tomorrow. keep that in mind. we have had a lot of accidents on i-95 this afternoon. so we have winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings where we could see additional six to 12 inches. winter weather advisories gone up in the last hour or so, because of potential of that "flash freeze" overnight tonight. this is the forecast windchill as we go overnight tonight. in some cases below zero. single digits in new york and philadelphia. again, i can't stress this enough. a lot of slush on the ground. that is going to freeze. it is going to be impossible to travel. just so you're prepared for possibility of another storm system on thursday and friday, liz and adam. here it is. this is the euro model thursday into friday. if this comes through, this is significant snow event for the northeast. we'll keep you up-to-date.
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adam: janice, we can postpone the patriots pa raised until spring, people in boston will be happy. >> we can blame the groundhog. adam: thank you. liz: we have breaking news. dow jones is reporting that the fcc, the federal communications commission, is going to impose strict net neutrality rules, okay? now what does this mean? they will prevent companies that own the broadband, whether that is cable or whether that is the at&t of the world or verizon of the world, they will impose strict rules on them about whether they are allowed to slow down or prevent any kind of movement through the broadband. now this makes for a very big important story here, adam. adam: will have impact on time warner cable. have impact on comcast and verizon. they will not be able to charge companies, to get you their digital signal ahead of everyone else. liz: let me just say. looking at at&t no real move in the after-market session. adam: right. liz: verizon's higher. netflix, for example, has been talked about as a company might,
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it just slightly lower but the ask is higher than the last trade. but again, this is a very emotional subject for a lot of companies in media. adam: a lot of money involved. liz: that the fcc should not get involved in net neutrality. the president was pretty much for it. adam: on other side, entrepreneurs say, if you don't get involved then big guys like google or company could essentially keep you from getting your company going. so it is going to play out. it is not a done deal as of yet. there will be a lot of arguing. liz: that according to "dow jones newswires." some companies went for serious over funny during this year's super bowl. you know exactly what we're talking about. why the shift? did some companies take it a bit too far? thinking maybe nationwide? that is up for debate. could it hurt these companies? we're talking about former apple ceo, john sculley. adam: famed investors mark faber and mario gabelli making calls for this year. we'll break it down for you.
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adam: so super bowl ads are usually a source of entertainment and comic relief throughout the most anticipated game of season. but this year a lot of companies opted for something a little more somber. liz: did companies miss the mark aiming for viewers hearts and not their funny bones? let's bring in john skullly, former apple ceo and managing partner at sbf capital. along with david steinberg, ceo of zeta interactive. john, off the bat, the tone was really palpable where either you had all kinds of, not just nationwide which is getting ripped today. it wasn't just nationwide. everybody was downer except for the fiat commercial with the viagra pill, that was one of my favorites. what were they thinking is the question, john? >> i think that is the question, liz the what were they thinking. this is the biggest sports event of the year. the biggest media event in the world and people are there to be
4:19 pm
entertained and have fund. why look like somber symposium on psychology as nationwide did? it is time to have fun. it is actually the apple commercial in the 1984 set the direction for these big entertainment stop the world, let's have fun, let's do something outrageous, been going on 30 years. why change now? adam: david, let me ask you this we were having discussion in green room. budweiser, enough with the dog. cue the tears. liz: obvious. adam: play old here comes the king song from the early '70s. connect us all that way? >> we, you know, certainly, it is interesting, it was the number one rated ad. it got highest rating but i think it missed the mark. you're going back to the puppy again. which it was a beautiful ad. it was really well-done and tear jerking but a lot of the ads this year were so serious, versus where is the humor that is really going to resonate?
4:20 pm
liz: joe, tell us your favorite, john. who really smacked it out of the ballpark? >> i think the fiat ad was a lot of fun with the viagra pill parody. i loved the coca-cola commercial. it was terrific. it really made fun of technology apit was so identifiable, particularly for young people and. doritos commercial from pepsico, i thought at that was really funny. adam: david, who do you think knocked it out of the ballpark? they spent four 1/2 million dollars for the spots for 30 sections. what is the real benefit? are they selling product or something else? >> that is the question, most of the great ads, even though they were great, fiat showed the product. we're making a crossover and here is how we're growing it with a viagra pill. i thought that was great. snickers, we fill you up, not just another candy. liz: here is the fiat ad. this italian couple, he runs to get a blue pill.
4:21 pm
bounces all over the place and ends up in the gas tank after fiat which roars away. it was creative and cute. >> which grows. starts as a mini become as big suv. liz: john, turns out more women were engaging in social media during the super bowl than men. you have a huge female audience right now. i personally was completely annoyed by the nissan commercial where, dad is not present because he is race car driver and kids are growing up and playing that song, "cats in the cradle." in the end he picks up the kid from school being away for weeks. it is not this commercial. we can dump out of. that we should thank him for picking up his kid. adam: i liked that ad. liz: adam liked it. did you like it? >> i agree with you, liz, that commercial missed the mark. here is how we thought about it, launched the macintosh 1984 launch commercial. $45 million of free advertising. people saw it over and over
4:22 pm
again, talking bit. this is before the web and we had network effect with technology. but what people really want from these commericals, the measurement are people talking about it, telling friends about it. if so, social media is tremendously important. that is a really key metric on success of a commercial from the super bowl. adam: go ahead, david. >> it is interesting. women were substantially more focused on social media and always empower woman ad, the one that was throw like a girl. liz: i loved that. >> had 40% more social media interactions than any other ad. liz: my 85-year-old mother loved it. nissan commercial? what do you think? >> i didn't love the nissan commercial. the song was great. i had thirty people at my house. everybody stopped to hear the song. at end of it we looked each other, like, what? adam: same ad in the nissan cars as it was in the toyota. right? liz: great to have you both weigh in. john skullly, david steinberg. thank you very much. what was your favorite super
4:23 pm
bowl ad and why? was going serious over funny the right move? send us a message on facebook. or you can tweet us @fbnatb we'll read some of your answers coming up. s&p issuing a big warning about netflix that could have investors changing their tune about the stock. what is it? we'll give you the details next. adam: the president unveils a $4 trillion budget, dr. evil, trillion dollar budget proposal that will tax businesses in an effort to boost the middle class. who could get hit? what does it mean for your portfolio? liz: famed invest to mario gabelli and mark faber urn veiling their favorite plays this year. what were they? what are they? we've got them for you straight ahead. don't miss it. ♪
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liz: how many people who are relatives of those who died have
4:28 pm
accepted the money? >> every single claimant who is eligible has accepted the money. we have not had yet one claimant who has said, you're not being generous enough. we're going to opt out and litigate. no one has done that yet. liz: that is ken feinberg, gm ignition compensation administrator, who looks at each claimant's claim and then decide whether to accept demand for compensation offered by the program. is this a sign that ga es recall mess is behind them? let's bring in our panel. steven lieb, from lieb group research, alan knuckman, bull's-eye options and our own adam shapiro. you didn't hear what he told us in the past hour, all kinds of people say you owe me money for dog injured or killed. you owe me for money for my 1963 corvair, which didn't have airbags that couldn't have been deployed. let's get to it, steven. does this put everything into
4:29 pm
the rear view mirror or are we close to that point for general motors? >> absolutely, liz. they have known about the situation for quite some time. they have known about the issue with the claimants. gm has outperformed over the past few months. and, it is underperformed some of the auto stocks like toyota and fee yet. because i think of currency issues. by and large, i think worse is clearly over. i think this whole issue has been in the stock price for some time. liz: alan would have looked like a real buying opportunity in december. what do you think about now? >> i think it still may be. the 34 level is the midpoint of the last year-and-a-half action and we're just right below that right now. like the previous guest stated, i think a lot is baked into price. breakout above 34, we've been in the range between $38 and 30. could target solid buying. there is more up side here in gm definitely. liz: adam, they have not got to
4:30 pm
have this happen again. >> hopefully they won't have it happen again. they got incredible endorsement by feinberg during the interview. look, gm management told us to do a, b, c, they would city out of it and would not appeal it and not intiering and they are not interfeing. liz: one of the many big names that didn't spend a dime to advertise on super bowl on air. which company's absence was the most glaring? alan, you get to go first. who wasn't there that should have been? >> i'm a michigan guy. so the imported by from detroit chrysler ad is sentimental for me. it is symbolic of turn around from america and i missed that. fiat ad got all attention with the blue pill. that will be indirect boost for pfizer. pfizer in that sector up 2015 so far in 2015. liz: what do you think, adam? adam: ford. liz: remember this may very well
4:31 pm
be most widely viewed super bowl in history. eyeballs were missed. who do you think? adam: ford. you have got something as american as the super bowl, where was something as american as ford? i missed, i loved by the way the mercedes ad. mgts is a hot car. i don't have $200,000 to buy a car. where was ford. liz: steven? >> i totally agree with adam. ford was missed. it is american icon. super bowl is an american icon. ford is the only american car company that has cars that are in the top 20 or 25 in terms of fuel efficiency. liz: well, do you think it comes back next year? >> do i think what? ford comes back? liz: do you think ford comes back to the super bowl. >> yeah, they should be in the super bowl. adam: if they have something to introduce. liz: bring back the chihuahua. these downer ads that we saw, really depressing and not very clever. we're asking you what was your favorite super bowl ad?
4:32 pm
tim says, hands down, the fiat ad. so there you go. i think that was really, really popular. we have more of your answers coming up. by the way we have much more with our panel in just a moment. we're talking about netflix. adam: president obama's nearly $4 trillion budget arrived. we'll look what could pass into law and how it could and will impact your money. liz: plus, simply by looking, you don't even have to invest, just by looking at chart movements in certain etfs, you can get a sense of what is raising a red flag in our economy, what's in deep trouble. our panel points out the etfs they're watching most closely next. adam: we'll tell you what is some of the greatest and most esteemed investors are saying to buy right now. ♪
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liz: did you watch netflix? you may want to listen to this warning especially if you invest in netflix. s&p is cutting rating on company downgrading it further into junk territory. why? what did s&p make that call for? what should you do with the stock? buy, sell, hold? let's bring back steven lieb, alan knuckman and adam shapiro. let's qualify this here. s&p is saying netflix remains dependent on tv and movie studios for content. that costs a lot. s&p expects the company to increase investments in original programing. those successes are, quote,
4:37 pm
unpredictable. does this scare you off netflix, alan? >> i think a lot in life is unpredictable but looking at price of netflix it is rallied $120 in the last couple of weeks. it is really trading sideways between 408 and 320. when you trade the stock lop off a zero to make it palatable. trading between 48 and 32. you look for buying opportunity. it had a good gap to the upside. i wait for pullback. they figure it out. they continue to grow subscribers and monetize. that's what they do well. liz: steven, look, the competition is out there. dish and cbs said they will offer over the top type program and streaming and things like that. not to mention you have amazon getting into that party. does it get too crowded here and maybe that is what s&p is talking about? >> yes, it does get too crowded. in a sense, netflix is competing against news corp and competing against time warner and competing against other
4:38 pm
companies like cbs that you mentioned have plenty of free cash flow. what s&p pointed out, netflix will not have free cash flow. how do you compete against people so much larger. you talk about a trading range, 32 to 48, that is 50% trading range. adam: they will not be able to keep growing at pace that they had been in years past because there is so much competition. i have apple tv. i can watch youtube. i dan watch fox. i can watch all the other networks. i don't necessarily need netflix. it will only agree with the ability of other competitors. their upside isn't very up. >> are you saying buy or sell? liz: u.s. economic growth slowed last quarter, falling to 2.6% annual rate. are there etfs out there that can spell trouble and outline it for our economy? what are you guys looking at? adam, is there a etf you watch? >> look, you don't have to follow necessarily an etf. look at etfs that follow
4:39 pm
commodities or look at etfs following petroleum. there is slowdown worldwide. this is a no-brainer. you don't have to look at etfs. liz: i saw a great article in market watch. they pointed out some pretty interesting ones. steven, are there etfs you watch that give you an indication how the economy is going? >> what i watch, liz, divergence something called the cr. about, raw industrial index. these are prices actually paid by factories at the factory door. i look how this index is acting. >> and? >> relative to other etfs just mirror commodities that are traded and so far this index, while it has been weak is still right around where it was in 2008. it is shy of where it was in 2011 and it is really telling us i think that much of the problems we've seen so far have been european-based. and, you know, the traded etfs, i mean who knows. i mean, who knows about, you know, traded commodities?
4:40 pm
liz: i picked one that is commodity centric but it is scop. it is a daily short on copper. now we know that copper has been dropping so it moves inversely to the drop in copper prices. look at this skyrocketing over the past four, five, months. this is a world bank cuts global growth forecasts. i'm not saying that the herd is right. when you see this kind of move where people are shorting copper, and they're killing it, that may mean there is less out there. we know the chinese stockpile while things are cheap. >> it is true. there is shortage of scrap copper. that has been very, very apparent in china. so that, yes, you're absolutely right, liz, if you were buying jjc or buying the one you're talking about, or shorting jjc or buying one you're talking, yes, you made a lot of money. this is traded copper. it is not necessarily representative what is going on in the blood and guts of the world's economy. liz: i like how he said, you're absolutely right but said, no,
4:41 pm
you're not. love you steven. great to have all of you. steven lieb, alan knuckman and adam shapiro. adam: looking for new investment ideas? how about ideas some well-known investors out there? here are some investor ideas from "barron's" 2015 roundtable participants marc faber and mario gabelli. the mark faber of the boom, gloom, doom, report. time to buy physical gold, silver platinum, if you're looking for bigger gains he recommends mining company stocks or the gold minders etf-gdx he would short the semiconductor index, sox. from mr. gloom and doom to mario gabelli, chairman and ceo of gam coinvestors, mr. gabelli has specific stock plays. he is looking at shares of education company ram holdings and ryman hospitality properties. he is bullish on chemtura he recommended last year.
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liz: president obama releasing what turns out to be nearly $4,000,000,002,016 plan. how much of this budget is expected to pass and what should investors be on the look out for? adam: it was unone of the most exciting endings in super bowl history. the lombardi trophy if i is not only prize they winning team takes home. we have super bowl. so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today.
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adam: president obama proposed nearly a 4 trillion-dollar budget for 2016. it focusing on improving infrastructure and boosting the middle class. the president is proposing higher taxes on companies and the wealthy. liz: let's bring in cornerstone macro research policy analyst. he is here to discuss the potential impact of the president's plan. before we talk about impact, andy, we need to talk about the reality of any of it getting past, right? can you game any parts which might be accepted? >> i think not much is the short answer. you know the president has a lot of tax increases on the wealthy and on businesses as you mentioned. i think, very little of that is going to end up happening basically, none of it is going to end up happening. when you look at things at the margin, look at proposals to
4:47 pm
extend expiring tax credits. look at proposals deal with funding the government, some of those things will get done by the fact that congress will have to fund the government. so you know, is there a little bit of relaxation of the sequester? probably. anything along the lines of what the president proposed? no. adam: andy, what do you think the president put in there as negotiating tool so he might be able to trade that away in terms of getting something else from the republicans? >> you know, i'm not sure he is really doing this as a negotiating tactic. i think he is trying to lay out what he think as democratic agenda ought to be. and set the tone and set the agenda for the 2016 presidential election and, guide the democratic party where he wants it to go. i think that is the main thing that he is up to here. not trying to, establish a bargaining position. he is just going to end up giving a little bit with republicans. i mean things that he proposed are so far from what the congress would end up doing, it is not really a negotiating position. it is sort of going in and
4:48 pm
offering, you know, so thousand for a -- 10,000 dollars for a $30,000 car. it is not a negotiating offer. that is not what you do. liz: talk about defense. 534 billion for defense. that should be palatable to republicans, right? >> well, republicans would like to increase defend spending but of course the president would also increase domestic discretionary spending as well which the republicans wouldn't agree to unless there was some entitlement changes which the president doesn't want to do. so there is this kind of circular budget debate we've had for a while which is republicans want more for defense but they won't agree to that unless there is domestic increases, democrats won't. democrats want tax increases. republicans want entitlement. i don't think they will resolve. that they will tinker at margins. adam: what about, he wants to lower the corporate tax rate and raise what we tax corporations which have profits overseas. is this a negotiating ploy? because most democrats and
4:49 pm
republicans agree on lowering the corporate tax rate? >> well, you know, the president does support corporate tax reform. republicans are very interested in doing tax reform. i don't think it is going to go anywhere. in practice here there is really not a serious conversation taking place between the white house and congressional republicans on tax reform. and you know, if that is something that is going to get done in one year let's say before the presidential primaries start heating up, they need to be really on this they're not. adam: okay. >> i don't think it's going anywhere. adam: we'll be watching. andy, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. liz: this brand new winter storm has brought heavy snow, sleet and pure ice to huge portions of the northeast today, just in time for the new super bowl champs to try to fly back to boston. adam: fox news correspondent molly line is in newton, massachusetts. hi, molly. >> hi, guys. you know, it is blasting down.
4:50 pm
groundhog day all over again. more snow in the city of boston. they actually just canceled schools again for tomorrow. school was canceled today as well. the boston mayor says they already have a foot. that is what we're expecting today. but it is still coming down. this sort pa of the problem. giant mound of snow everywhere. you have to find somewhere to put all extra snow. boston got two feet last week. west of here, three feet in some areas. the roads are a big mess. we had a chance to get out on some of those roads today. of the thankfully not a lot of people out on roads. this is one of giant piles the plows have made. if you look video from earlier today. terrible out there. terrible all day. it is horrible on neighborhoods roads. bad on highways as well. we're hearing south of the city things are turning into slush. the big problem there temperatures are dropping. we're expecting things to stay in the teens as they are now. possibly drop into single digits. that could cause freezing and spinouts. we saw a lot of that throughout
4:51 pm
the morning giving to our live location, a lot of spinouts. tough going, despite all of that, parade still on for tomorrow. patriots expecting to get back later on tonight, despite the snow, that is the hope. 11:00 a.m. tomorrow they will be on the duck boats, traditional thing in boston and patriots fans will get out there, cold, cold temperatures. mayor says wrap up and stay warm but the patriots are planning at this point in time to cruise through the city of boston on a big victory lap of sorts. liz: something tells us you will be there, molly. thank goodness dunkin' donuts every 30 feet in newt newton. >> that's true. there is closest one. can't beat it. adam: a lot of snow on the drive. liz: been there. been there. molly, thank you. of the. adam: new england patriots didn't just score a big last minute victory on the field last night. the players earned pretty nice bonuses as well. we have details coming up. liz: as greece push as new debt agreement in europe this week,
4:52 pm
we'll tell you how your investments, even if you're not invested anywhere near greece could be impacted. that is next. >> imgerri willis, coming up on my show at top of the hour, tony robbins latest best-seller. that is causing controversy. we'll check out charges that it is chock-full of bad advice. that is coming up on "the willis report" in a few minutes. hungry equals overshopping. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle.
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at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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liz: we have breaking news. adam: viewers for super bowl, record for u.s. television. got higher viewership than a-team and brady bun. liz: definitely more than who shot j.r. but 114.4 million of you watched the super bowl. that is now the crown winner of the most watched show of all time. adam: since what talking about winners, it is not about winning or losing, it is how you play the game, right? not when it comes to money. liz: in addition to taking home the super bowl trophy, winners take home pretty big paychecks. rich edson has the details. >> for winning team though, it could mean much more. valuation to analysts we spoke with say the pats could see an increase coming off their super bowl win of 10 to 20% in their team value. marketing and sports business experts say team nets an immediate increase in value following a super bowl win along with sustained bump in profitability over the following
4:57 pm
season. >> you're going to see a organization see value jump initially just in overall, their overall value. then you will see a secondary blip that is going to occur, simply because you have an organization that is going to increase ticket pricing. they are going to get more dynamic with their offering on a sponsorship side. they're going to see more suites in the greater boston marketplace with companies that want to align with a winning brand. >> new england has only one team to beat on the "forbes" list of most valuable franchises. that's a dallas. second in the national football league the pats are worth $2.06 b after winning last year's super bowl, forbes put the seahawks value, 25% more than previous season though that growth was in line with leaguewide increases in valuation. "forbes" says league valuation increases from last season to any other season increased more than they ever have since 1995. 2013 to 2014, that increase in
4:58 pm
not seen in leaguewide valuations since 15 years ago. liz: adam and i are cleveland browns fans. they're up there? >> right where they are in super bowl trophies, liz. adam: oh. liz: that's mean. >> just a little honesty. adam: giants fans. you get them in the commercial. liz: he is a giants fan. nice going, edison. we've been asking you what was your favorite super bowl commercial. mike says the clydesdales and the flying pig. adam: sonia says the toyota commercial of the father in tears supporting his daughter joining military. that made me cry. liz: sue says chevy commercial with screen black, no sound, was best attention getter. i thought we had been hacked. adam: david says, fiat ad. liz: with the little blue pill. that was cute. we bring back steven lieb. the number one thing investors should watch?
4:59 pm
>> tomorrow and day after you want to up watch what is going on with greece. greece is a very, very small country and could play a major role. in a worst-case scenario which is not improbable could undermined the entire euro. one of greece's fans unbelievably is russia. russia is there. they could pipe oil through greece, china trains. greece is in a very, very interesting geographical place. if you look what germany is doing, most germans don't particularly like the fact that the u.s. is imposing these sanctions on russia. so you have a lot of things going on in europe. and this economy, world economy, started down in 2011, when the european economy started down because of greece. not because of greece. but because of germany. there is a lot of moving parts here, liz and adam, and greece, little tiny greece is at center of what could be, you know, really point of inflection.
5:00 pm
adam: to that we say hopa. liz: drachmas may be one today. who knows. steve, thanks for you. thanks for filling in for david asman. adam: happy to be here. right now "the willis report" is up next. >> hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. this is the "willis report." the show where consumers are our business. millions of americans start paying the new obamacare tax penalty. we'll have a special investigation on how the affordable care act is forcing families into impossible choices. >> to pay for health insurance every month is a ridiculous cost to what we would pay for self-pay. plus we have to include that penalty. gerri: powerful snowstorm hits a large part of country. travel disrupted after some of the biggest snowfall totals ever. >> for detroit the third biggest snowstorm in recorded history at 16.7 inches of snow.


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